Tooth Extraction

If you are suffering from extreme tooth sensitivity or are experiencing advanced periodontal disease, you may have to have a dental extraction. With a simple tooth extraction, Dr. Shahin can safely remove the hot tooth without needing major dental surgery.

Why a tooth extraction

There can be several instances in which a simple tooth extraction can help alleviate the pain or set the stage for a more suitable cosmetic procedure. Some common reasons for extraction include:


How is a tooth extracted?

Brooklyn Dentist

As a precaution, the Brooklyn dentist will take digital X-rays of the teeth in question, to help plan the extraction procedure. After planning a method of extraction, you will be anesthetized with local anesthesia that will help prevent you from experiencing pain during this procedure. Next, Dr. Shahin will use a dental tool called an elevator to loosen the tooth. Finally, the dentist will use a pair of forceps to gently move the tooth back and forth until it breaks free of the connective tissue holding it in the socket. once in a while, a stubborn tooth will withstand the dentist’s tug, refusing to let go. In these and more complex cases, the tooth may need to be sectioned into smaller pieces before it is fully removed.  

Once extraction is done, we will pack sterile gauze into the socket and have you apply pressure on the area by biting down. If required, the dentist will use sutures for hemostasis.

If you need to get simple tooth extractions in Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Heights, Crown Heights, Fort Greene, or Park Slope, contact us for more information.

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