Oral surgery treats a wide range of dental issues including impacted teeth, tooth loss, and jaw problems. Oral surgery focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and defects related to the problems with oral function and even smile aesthetic.

At Brooklyn Dentist, using by high-tech equipment, such as digital scanners and intra-oral images, and the most advanced techniques, we can offer our comprehensive surgical care to help Brooklyn patients find relief from the discomfort and pain caused by wisdom teeth, TMJ problems, and more.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are often unable to descend completely through the gums, becoming trapped, or impacted. Fully impacted wisdom teeth can also create problems for the adjacent molars – potentially damaging them from below the surface and causing issues with proper bite and producing discomfort for patients. A wisdom tooth that only partially erupts can create additional problems, such as infection of the jaw and soft tissue.

We help our patients get treatment for impacted or partially descended wisdom teeth by carefully extracting these third molars. Once troublesome wisdom teeth have been removed, you no longer have to worry about the risk of infection, discomfort, or negatively affecting healthy and well-aligned permanent teeth.


Tooth Extractions

Our dental surgeon can even extract permanent teeth that have been affected by infection or decay. When teeth become damaged to the point where they cannot be saved, extraction is the best course of action to take. Extracting severely damaged teeth helps prevent the spread of infection to neighboring teeth, ensuring the rest of your smile is un-damaged. Once damaged teeth are extracted, we help you find treatments to fill in the space in your smile.

Tooth Loss Solutions

Brooklyn Dentist offers dental implant placement as a reliable and long-lasting solution to tooth loss. Implants are small titanium posts inserted into the jawbone through oral surgery. These posts take the place of your tooth's natural root and provide crowns and dentures with a permanent base. Through oral surgery intervention at our Brooklyn dental office, we help you find ideal solutions for the problem of lost or extracted teeth.


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