Panoramic X-rays are a type of X-ray dentists commonly use to produce ear-to-ear wraparound photographs of the teeth and face. Panoramic X-rays give dentists clear images of every individual tooth, the lower and upper jaw, the nasal area, the sinus area, and the mandibular nerve.

These types of X-rays help reveal wisdom teeth, fractures, bone loss, hidden structures, hidden signs of cavities, and other things that would otherwise go unnoticed by dentists during routine checkups. They are especially useful for exposing sinus problems and their effects on a patient’s oral health.

Panoramic X-rays are used for a wide range of tasks including the following:


Unlike bitewing X-rays that require you to hold a piece of equipment containing film in your mouth, panoramic X-rays, also known as orthopantomograms or Panorex, are unobtrusive. They take photos using film hidden within a mechanism that moves around your head. Panoramic X-rays also expose you to less radiation and are therefore safer to use on a regular basis.

What is the Panoramic X-ray Process Like?

Panoramic X-rays are done on an as-needed basis, unlike bitewing X-rays which are taken routinely twice each year. The panoramic X-ray equipment is made up of a rotating arm and a moving film attachment that are positioned on either side of the patient’s head.

The X-ray generator is another arm that moves around the head, taking clear orthogonal X-ray photographs.

Once the images are captured, your dentist can magnify them as much as 30% to take note of even the smallest details.


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