Dental X-Rays

As one of the most essential diagnostic and preventative tools in dentistry, dental X-rays or digital radiographs are routinely used during dental visits. They reveal valuable information not visible to the naked eye and can detect health problems that would otherwise go unnoticed, saving you time, money, and unnecessary pain.

Dental X-rays can expose several dental ailments including:

  • Jawbone loss
  • Tooth decay between the teeth (interproximal caries)
  • Developmental dental abnormalities
  • Cysts of abscesses
  • Issues below the gum line
  • Issues within a tooth
  • Poor root or tooth positions


Our Brooklyn dentist, Dr. Pooria Shahin, and our dental hygienists use information collected by X-rays to create an accurate and individualized treatment plan for each patient.  With X-rays, they can catch dental issues before they become bigger problems.

How often should you get an X-ray?

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The frequency at which you should get an X-ray done depends on your specific dental health needs. On average, bite-wing X-rays, which are X-rays of top and bottom teeth together, should be taken twice a year during dental check-ups. A full mouth series of X-rays is recommended for new patients and should be retaken every three to five years.

Your dentist will recommend additional X-rays based on your personal dental history, your risk for disease, your age, and any signs or symptoms you may have.

Patients commonly ask, are X-rays safe?

The answer is, yes! X-rays are quick, painless, and safe to use. Every day, we are exposed to radiation from natural sources, and that amount of radiation is the same amount produced in an X-ray. It is a relatively small amount of radiation, and it gives us vital information. Although X-rays are completely safe, dentists take precautions to limit their patients’ radiation exposure by using lead aprons that protect the body, and fast film that reduces radiation exposure time in each X-ray.

If you have any concerns about dental x-rays in Brooklyn, NY, please feel free to contact our dental officeBrooklyn Dentist. We serve patients in Crown Heights, Fort Greene, and Park Slope.

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