Your regularly scheduled dentist visits to our offices will consist of two parts, the dental examination and the professional dental prophylaxis, or dental cleaning. To start, your dental hygienist will complete the following examinations:

  • Review of current and past X-rays (dental radiographs): Your Brooklyn dentist, Dr. Shahin, will review your recent X-rays, checking for root positions, cysts, tumors, bone loss, and tooth decay.
  • Gingivitis evaluation: Examining the gums for gingivitis symptoms.
  • Oral cancer screening: Examining the gums, tongue, throat, lips, neck, and face for signs of oral cancer.
  • Existing fillings evaluation: Examining the effectiveness and state of current crowns, dental restorations, and other dental fillings.
  • Tooth decay evaluation: Examining the surfaces of the teeth for signs of decay using dental tools.

Professional Dental Prophy (Cleaning)

After completing the preliminary exam, you will receive a professional dental cleaning by your dental hygienist that provides you with three main benefits:


Calculus or Tartar Removal

The removal of hardened plaque that has built up and adhered to the tooth surface, and calculus that has formed above and below the gums

Plaque Removal

The removal of the built-up bacteria, saliva, and food particles on your teeth and gums. This is the key to preventing periodontal disease!

Teeth Polishing

The elimination of any staining that has appeared despite plaque removal and tooth brushing

A thorough dental exam and dental cleaning are the foundation of excellent oral health. To set up a visit to Brooklyn Dentist, or to express any questions or concerns you may have, contact our dental practice in Brooklyn. We welcome patients from all over New York and serve patients in Fort Greene, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, and Brooklyn Heights.