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Tooth loss can impact more than your smile; when we lose teeth, other complications occur, such as biting and chewing difficulties, and affected speech. Dental implants offer a reliable, long-lasting solution to tooth loss by providing a fixed base for new teeth. At First Impression Dental, we offer dental implants in Brooklyn to patients who are searching for a fully functional and beautifully restored smile.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the product of significant advancement in the field of dentistry. Implants are small titanium posts that are surgically embedded in the jawbone in place of the tooth's natural root. This post is fitted with an attachment, onto which new crowns, or dentures, are fixed. Dental implants can also function as a stable anchor for permanent dentures, and are known for their strength and ability to nurture good oral health.

Advantages of dental implants include:

The titanium implant fuses to the jawbone through a process known as osseointegration. Posts become part of the jawbone, so when new teeth are fitted onto the implants, they cannot move around, or slip. This fusion reinforces the strength your new teeth, as well as healthy bone volume.

You may notice that people who are missing groups of their natural teeth develop a kind of depleted, or sunken-in look. This problem is caused by diminishing jaw bone density. Dental implants prevent the illusion of premature aging and a sunken appearance by promoting jaw health and filling out your smile, naturally.

Dental implants allow new dentures and dental crowns to behave like real teeth. Our patients discover they are able to bite, chew, and speak as they normally would, without having to worry about the inconveniences and discomfort normally associated with dentures or less permanent restorations. Because the materials used in dental implant treatment are durable and resilient, patients can enjoy their strong new smiles for a lifetime.

Who is Qualified to Get Dental Implants?

To receive implants, you should be in otherwise good dental health. Signs of gum disease or bone loss from missing teeth should be addressed with our dentists before your treatment plan can be put into action. Patients who are good candidates for dental implants should also be non-smokers, as tobacco use prevents your body from healing successfully after implant placement surgery.

How Do I Get Dental Implants in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY?

During your first appointment, we’ll assess your oral health to determine if dental implants will help you meet your oral health goals. Dr. Shahin will then create your treatment plan with your full consent and involvement. All parts of your dental implant treatment, from surgical implantation to final placement of the crown or denture, are performed in our Brooklyn office – you won’t have to visit multiple dental offices for dental implant care.

To find out more about dental implants, or to make your implant consultation appointment, please contact First Impression Dental for help.


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