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Oral health emergencies occur for many reasons; traumatic injury can dislodge or knock-out a tooth, and biting into a hard object can dislodge a crown or filling, or crack a tooth. If one of your teeth has been damaged as the result of an injury or accident, getting prompt treatment from our Crown Heights, Brooklyn emergency dentist is the best way to save your teeth and preserve your oral health. 

What to do in a Dental Emergency

For any dental emergency in Crown Heights, Prospect Park, and Park Slope, your first step should be to call our Brooklyn office immediately to schedule an appointment or emergency visit.

Depending on your specific injury, and when you can be seen for care, there are several steps you can take to minimize damage and make yourself more comfortable before your appointment:

  • Avulsed (knocked-out) tooth: If your tooth has been knocked-out completely it's vital that you see a dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth can be placed back in position within the hour, there's a greater chance that it can be saved.

- To keep the tooth safe in the meantime, it's best placed back in its socket, or in the pouch of your cheek. If this isn't possible, place the tooth in a cup of milk, saliva, or water. Be careful not to handle the tooth by the roots.

  • Loose or dislodged tooth: If a tooth is only partially dislodged, there's a good chance it can be saved. Call us immediately to make an appointment, and in the meantime, you can ease the pain with over-the-counter medications and a cold compress. Try to avoid touching or playing with the tooth, as this could further loosen it.

  • Cracked or broken tooth: If any tooth fragments become loose, they should be rinsed with lukewarm water and saved, if possible. A cold compress can help with swelling and pain, and dental cement can be placed over the tooth to help protect it if you're unable to see us immediately.

  • Dislodged crown or filling: You can use sugar-free gum to fill in the hole caused by a dislodged filling before you’re able to visit our office for care. If you have dental cement, you can try to use a bit to re-attach your dental crown before you’re seen by our Brooklyn emergency dentist. 

If you're unable to see us immediately, you can relieve any pain associated with dental emergencies by using over-the-counter pain reliever and ice packs, and can buy dental cement from a pharmacy to temporarily fix dislodged prosthetics.

Don’t Wait to Seek Emergency Treatment – Contact First Impression Dental Immediately

If you have a dental emergency in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY and you need help right away, call our emergency dental office as soon as possible. If you need immediate help, we can see you that same day for treatment.

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